World War 2 - This aircraft was delivered to the U.S.N on the 20th May 1945 as R5D-3 with  serial number 56498. Her first unit was VR-11, Naval Air Transport Squadron at on Guam. Her job was to repatriate wounded soldiers back to safety and take in a 1000 ltrs of blood per day to the battlefields of Iwo Jima & Okinawa to the  islands of  Japan. On the to the battlefields of Iwo Jima & Okinawa to the  islands of  Japan. On the 2nd of February 1946 she transferred to VR-6  and then in April of 1946 moved onto  MAG-15, Marine Air Group 15, based out of Hawaii. Her connection with the Berlin Airlift in 1948 is with VR-6. This squadron went onto fly supplies into Germany in Operation Vittles in 1948 during the Russian blockade. 498 remained in the Pacific Theater and in August 1947 moved to VMR-152 , Marine Transport  Squadron 152 at El Toro. From here it moved around with the squadron to Barbers Point, Corpus Christi and onto Iwakuni in Japan.

The Korean War  (1950-53) At NAS Iwakuni ,  VMR-152 formed with VMR-253.  From  January 1952 through to June 1953, the squadron logged over 11,000 flight hours,carried 30,170 passengers, and moved  5,213,383 lbs(2,364,751 kg) of cargo


The Vietnam War (1955 –1975)
Since 1946 she had been flying out of Agana, Guam, Iwakuni and Atsugi delivering supplies and much needed whole blood for the wounded of the Vietnam conflict. She operated in the Vietnam campaign up until 1972 flying between NAS Atusgi,  Iwakuni in Japan, NAS Sangley Point, Cubi Point in the Philippines, Barbers Point, Hawaii and El Toro bringing back wounded soldiers and transporting back vital supplies. After 30 long years of military service she was retired .

Sold to Biegert Aviation of Phoenix, Arizona in 1975 and operated from 1977 to 1983 as a sprayer. Sold in  January 1996 to Atlantic Warbirds Inc. of New Hampshire.  A comprehensive restoration was carried out and the aircraft was flown to England to feature in a film about the Berlin Airlift. The aircraft sold to Aces High US Inc. in September 2002.  She has been stored at North Weald airfield north of London. Unfortunately the film was cancelled and she has remained there ever since. 

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