War Veterans.

Just as the Candy Bomber dropped candy from a Douglas C-54 Skymaster in the Berlin Airlift in 1948, bringing joy and hope to so many children, we, at Save the Skymaster want to give back in a meaningful way. We want to restore a Douglas C-54 Skymaster and in so doing train up Veterans ensuring that they enjoy the teamwork and comradery, that they had whilst serving the country. Especially in this Pandemic, when jobs are so hard to find and such veteran’s confidence is at an all-time low – we want to get this classic aeroplane back in the business of helping others again. To this end, such Veterans will have a purpose with their dignity being restored as well.

Loneliness and isolation will be a thing of the past. On average 20 Veterans commit suicide every day and with many outpatient mental health programmes on hold at the moment, the suicide rate may grow. (this is a USA stat from Jamie Rowen – University of Massachusetts.) One suicide is too many and we want to embrace every avenue we can to play a pivotal role in restoring hope and a sense of achievement to vulnerable Veterans out there, trying to navigate through the COVID storm of unemployment and despair.